Cause and elimination of common malfunction of packing machine

Update:15 Jan 2018

One, the machine does not work after touching the key R […]

One, the machine does not work after touching the key
1, check whether the switch is reset or not.
2, frequency converter, servo controller display RC
1. Reset the quick stop switch
2, turn off the total power supply for 20 seconds and restart
Two. Air leakage of packing bag seal
1, the temperature is not enough;
2, the pressure is insufficient;
3. The closing time is too short.
4, before and after the transverse sealing sealing uneven Kun
5, pinch
1. Increase the temperature properly;
2, check whether the total pressure is 6.5 kg.
3. The time parameters of sealing are properly increased.
4, carefully adjusting the transverse sealing sealing HSCG parallelism;
5. Adjust the blanking time or inflatable delay
1, the pressure of the cylinder cylinder is not enough or too large.
2. Belt slipping or damage;
3. The static electricity of packaging film is too large
1, check whether the membrane pressure is 2.5 kg.
2. The surface or replacement of a hairy belt with a saw