China's food machinery enterprises need three kinds of advanced consciousness

Update:14 Jun 2017

Food, as an important necessity in people's life, will […]

Food, as an important necessity in people's life, will surely promote the overall development of the whole food industry. Food machinery is an important guarantee for the development of the food industry, and the food industry will play a leading role in the development of the food industry. Therefore, the development of food machinery has broad prospects and great potential. As a food machinery manufacturing industry, the experts believe that enterprises should have three advanced consciousness.
First, research awareness. The current people's living standard is more and more high, demand more and more strong, food machinery manufacturers to the broad masses of the people, "what the market needs, development and production of what I" for "I produce what, what" pop market, make their own food machinery development always lead the market, "the development of generation, out of a generation, development, constantly eliminated". With market more differentiation, the future focus on the development of food machinery will tend to be fast, efficient, convenient, low cost, especially small food machinery demand will be more and more big, this requires the enterprises to go out, the wind of survey.
Two,the brand ahead of consciousness. Brand is the soul of an enterprise. Now all kinds of mechanical products a lot, but good brand rarely, why? Some enterprises do not pay attention to brand, only research development, the result is very good product but due to the lack of a good brand effect to increase market share. An enterprise manages its own brand, must have reliable product quality, high quality after-sales service and set up the image of marketing publicity, the three are indispensable. As a matter of fact, we have lost a lot of market opportunities now. Introduced by friends a small food machinery, the use of very convenient, quality is also very good. It's good to introduce other friends. But at the same time, we have never heard of this kind of product before, and we can't see this product in most areas of our province. This shows that this small food machinery market is very broad, but because of low visibility, resulting in production volume is not going. If the enterprise put more investment in brand management, maybe the result will be different. Brand consciousness is a kind of advanced management idea, brand awareness is always in the forefront of the market so that enterprises in the competition; and consciousness lag wasted, all is lost.
Three ,the user ahead of consciousness. No matter what product, its ultimate consumption target is the vast number of users, the user decided the market. In foreign countries, some milk manufacturers have set up a consumer profile, which is based on the health status and physical needs of each user to produce products of different ingredients. Despite the trouble, but "all for the user" consciousness, and ultimately for enterprises to win users. China's vast territory and abundant resources, large population, around the living standard is not the same, all customs, around the user needs are not the same. Therefore, as a food machinery manufacturers, we must establish a user awareness, that is, according to the living standards, population size, dietary habits, raw materials, resources, development and production of customer satisfaction products.
According to reports, at present, foreign businessmen in the development of the Chinese market, attaches great importance to the user awareness of advanced, this is their rapid occupation of the Chinese market, access to Chinese users trust important "magic weapon."". Therefore, domestic enterprises must be user oriented, do a good job and do deep research on the development of our food machinery, to meet the growing demand of the vast numbers of users.

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