Development trend of China's packaging market

Update:01 Jun 2017

China has become the world's largest commodity producer […]

China has become the world's largest commodity producer and exporter, while the world's eyes are focused on the fastest, largest and most promising Chinese packaging market. Although the domestic packaging machinery market prospects are broad, but such as single machine automation, stability and reliability, appearance and shape, and short life expectancy and other issues, but also domestic packaging machinery products have been criticized.

Safety testing technology: food safety in the packaging machinery is not only limited to the scope of simple physical parameters, but also pay attention to the color of food, raw materials and other factors. The scope of the application of packaging machinery is expanding so that new demands are constantly raised for mechanical manufacturers as well as suppliers of automation products.

Motion control technology: the movement control technology in domestic development is very fast, but in the packaging machinery industry development momentum is rising, lack of power. The movement control product and the technology in the packing machine's function mainly is achieves the accurate position control and the strict speed synchronization request, mainly uses in loading and unloading, transportation, marking, stacking, unloading and so on. Motion control technology is one of the key factors that distinguish high, medium and low end packaging machinery, and it is also the technical support for the upgrading of Chinese packaging machinery.

Flexible production: in order to adapt to the fierce market competition, the cycle of product upgrading is becoming shorter and shorter. At the same time, production is relatively large, so the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery are highly demanding, that is, the life of packaging machinery is much greater than the product life cycle. Therefore, we should consider the concept of flexibility from three aspects: flexibility of quantity, flexibility of structure and flexibility of supply.

Manufacturing Execution System: in recent years, the integration technology has developed rapidly in the packaging industry. Many types of packaging machinery and equipment, which makes different manufacturers interface docking, equipment and industrial computers, information and equipment between the transmission encountered great difficulties. In this case, the packaging enterprise turns to the manufacturing execution system (MES) to find a solution.