How to correctly maintain and operate the packaging machine?

Update:11 Jul 2017

   With the continuous improvement of the level of auto […]

   With the continuous improvement of the level of automation, things around us are high-tech products, especially for the machinery industry. In the packaging machine industry, many parts are high-tech, in the process of using need careful maintenance, the instrument used to pay extra attention to the mechanical instrument commissioning personnel must pass strict training in the factory before use, must be able to master the instrument function, Ren Wushun sequence, operation form, task form, common problems and troubleshooting disposal. Untrained personnel are strictly forbidden to operate computer instruments.
   In the use of the process should also pay special attention to some details, must let the computer maintenance instrument box inside and outside clean and dry; on reflection terminal not loose, scattered scene. Ensure circuit, gas road dredge. Among them, the basic clean, including:
  1. after stopping the machine, the parts should be cleaned and measured in real time. For example, the packing is granulated sugar, Banlangen Granules, salt and so on. The cleaning trays and the turntable of each class should be guaranteed so that they can not be eroded.
  2. about heat seal body, should often clean, in order to ensure that the sealing texture clear.
  3. photoelectric tracking head, which should also be timely clean, electric eye, small error that the cursor tracking.
  4. material scattered on the tray, real-time liquidation, adhere to the clean parts.
  5. clean the dust in the electric control box on time, in case of bad contact.
   New equipment in the use of a week, the transmission and moving parts must be self-examination, fastening, refueling protection; in the future must be checked and maintained on a monthly basis. Basic maintenance:
  1. check the parts of the packing machine on time so as to avoid loosening.
  2., pay attention to electrical parts of the waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti rat. The electric control box and wiring terminal should be kept clean in case of electrical fault.
  3. the two heat sealing rolls should be placed in an open position in case of ironing.
  4. time for each gear, packing machine, ball bearing oil hole and the movable parts with oil slick. When filling with smooth oil, please be careful not to drop the oil on the belt so as to prevent slipping, throwing or aging of the belt.