How to ensure the accuracy of particle packaging machine cursor positioning

Update:25 Dec 2017

   First of all, let's briefly talk about "cursor posit […]

   First of all, let's briefly talk about "cursor positioning". The exact positioning of the cursor means that the positioning cursor on the packaging film is scanned with the positioning photoelectric added by the device or added. When the device recognizes the cursor on the bag, the device will automatically locate the sealing and cutting to ensure the integrity of product design and product packaging bag is more beautiful! Cursor positioning is now an indispensable feature of the device.
Now we have the device with cursor positioning function, in order to locate the exact precautions:
1. The user wants to know from the equipment supplier about the positioning properties of the equipment. Especially when making the packaging film positioning point must be easy to identify the color of the photoelectric (black), and then the packaging film scanning edge do not mix other colors, and the scanning edge is the color with a clear color difference.
2 anchor point size and scan the width of the edge. Location 8mm long and 5mm wide and above, the edge of the bag more than 8㎜ most easily identified. Too small to prone to error or positioning is not allowed.
3, the photoelectric adjustment. Photoelectric packaging film with the general photoelectric distance of about 2 ㎜ spot is appropriate; then the packaging film as parallel as possible through the photoelectric, in order to prevent the leakage of packaging film light spots and distance influence identification.