L-type automatic sealing machine and edge sealing machine difference

Update:04 Dec 2017

For packaging equipment - are familiar with the shrinki […]

For packaging equipment - are familiar with the shrinking machine knows, L-type sealing machine and edge sealing machine can be equipped with assembly line to achieve unmanned operation. However, the difference between the two prices is almost doubled, then the L-automatic sealing machine and the edge sealing machine What is the difference for you to organize the three main differences
1. Different cutter: L-type cutter cutter for the L-type, when cutting the entire cutter are in motion. The edge sealing machine is a horizontal knife in the package, side knife side has been cutting state. So from the cutting principle in terms of two different ways of cutting knife.
2. Different structures: L-type sealing machine with edge sealing machine similar appearance. But the two devices are completely different in structure. In particular, the principle of action of the cutter two kinds of very far.
3 different efficiency: This is also used to select L-type sealing machine and the most fundamental difference between edge sealing machine. Two kinds of work efficiency is completely different. L-type automatic sealing machine one minute of work efficiency in 25 packets or so. Edge sealing machine can work efficiency up to 40 bags or higher.

       4. The package size is different; L-type sealing machine because the sealing knife is fixed in the size of the packaging products have great limitations. However, because the side of the edge sealing machine has been cutting state, so there is no limit on the length of the product.