Labeling machine purchase considerations

Update:23 Feb 2018

First, the labeling machine speed Manufacturers must be […]

First, the labeling machine speed
Manufacturers must be based on automatic requirements and the previous paragraph to determine the production line to choose the speed of the labeling machine, considering the perfect match, so that the real optimization, rationalization and unification.
Second, the accuracy of labeling machine
The labeling process belongs to the final packaging process of the product. The quality of the labeling directly affects the appearance image and marketing of the product. The labeling accuracy is high, the printing effect is good, the labeling is flat and can not wrinkle, and the non-blistering is a good product image. Otherwise Will be invisible to reduce product quality.
Third, the stability of the labeling machine
A good labeling machine only reasonable mechanical structure design, layout of the line regular, solid parts, electrical and mechanical quality, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine at high load, the long-term stable operation of the labeling machine to reduce customer maintenance costs , In order to meet the reasonable production needs of customers, more to ensure the quality of the manufacturer.