Operating rules for vertical liquid packing machines

Update:18 Jul 2017

   First, check the leakage protector, then confirm the […]

   First, check the leakage protector, then confirm the normal and make it switch on.
   Two, open the equipment power supply, equipment and coding machine, temperature control table to set the temperature required for packaging coil, wait for its temperature rise.
   Three, the temperature rose to the set value, the packaging coil installed on the coil support, and then the coil traction to the guide bracket.
   Four, the length of the cursor measurement, input to the operating bar, open the photoelectric photoelectric probe, the alignment of the cursor on the roll, roll into the equipment vertical sealing roller, move the equipment, through the observation of membrane sealing roller, adjust the roller pressure, to seal the formation of a solid, beautiful appearance.
   Five, adjust the location of the code to the predetermined position, adjust the small incision to the appropriate position, close the cutter, adjust the cutter location, then it can accurately cut and shape standards.
   Six, first through the budget to reduce the time, first open the magnetic pump switch, and then open the solenoid valve switch, is the material into the packaging, weighing, and then fine-tuning, until the dose to meet the requirements.
   Seven, hand pressure, foot to check whether the seal closed, whether there is leakage phenomenon, to further adjust, so as to meet the requirements.
   Eight, check all qualified, before they can complete the packaging of storage.
   Nine, after production, turn off the magnetic pump, then turn off the power supply of the equipment, and finally turn off the leakage protector.http://www.china-packmachine.com/