Packaging machinery is also toward the high-speed, automatic control and multi-functional direction

Update:31 Jul 2017

   1. The advanced nature of the equipment    With the […]

   1. The advanced nature of the equipment
   With the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of high-tech do not break into the production of various fields, packaging machinery is also toward high-speed, automatic control and multi-functional direction, automatic packaging production lines and robots, robots, etc. are widely used The Product replacement speed of the accelerated, requiring packaging equipment on the product changes have a greater adaptability. The production capacity of the packaging machine should not only meet the requirements of the existing production conditions, but also should take into account the product replacement requirements. Therefore, the equipment selection, in the production of the premise, as far as possible according to the actual situation of enterprise development of advanced technology, higher production capacity of new equipment, in general, mass production enterprises, such as food, Beverage, fertilizer and other industries, should choose a higher degree of automation, production capacity of the larger automatic packaging line, while paying attention to the adaptability of product changes. Multi-species, product changes in fast enterprises, such as food plants, etc., should be in accordance with the principle of economic rationality, and actively adopt a wide range of integrated packaging machine to meet the requirements of packaging process changes can be said that the size of the product and product packaging process Technical requirements are the basic basis and specific factors in the selection of packaging equipment.
   2. The reliability of the equipment
   The reliability of the equipment is to ensure the quality of the product packaging, equipment production capacity to maintain the primary conditions.People want to produce equipment to trouble-free work in order to achieve the desired purpose of production, therefore, equipment selection should require new equipment with sufficient reliability The reliability of the proposed representation of reliability. Reliability refers to the system, machine or parts under the conditions specified, within a specified time without failure to perform the specified function of the probability, where the conditions specified refers to the environment, load, operation, operation and conservation methods; the specified time is the design period ; Failure refers to the system.
Reliability depends largely on the design of the equipment, so the packaging machine must be considered in the choice of packaging machine design quality. The first is the rationality of the equipment structure, such as the structural design of the packaging machine, the selection of the organization, the size, the proportion, the material selection, the wear, etc. Also consider the equipment's own protection, such as shock, pollution prevention, overload protection, automatic compensation Operation prevention, lubrication structure, etc., and the control part of the rationality of the general, the higher the reliability of equipment, equipment costs (set costs and maintenance costs) is also higher. If this is to reduce the reliability of the equipment requirements, only consider the equipment output capacity and ignore the effective utilization of equipment, or only emphasize the equipment investment, the number of one-sided pursuit of equipment and ignore the reliability of equipment will cause equipment downtime and Maintenance costs increase, it is not economical.
   3. Equipment consumption
   The choice of packaging machine should also pay attention to the consumption of energy and raw materials in the equipment.In terms of energy consumption, to implement the national energy policy standards, in ensuring the production of product packaging under the premise of the equipment, the lower the energy consumption the better. At the same time pay attention to choose to use low-grade, low-cost energy and renewable energy can make new energy equipment. Also note that the equipment used by the energy should be the enterprise, the region can guarantee the supply. This will greatly reduce the cost of management of energy. In the consumption of raw materials, should pay attention to the effective utilization of packaging materials,and try to reduce the loss of packaging materials..
   4. The operability of the equipment
   The operability of the equipment includes two aspects: easy operation and reliable operation. Easy to operate is to require the packaging machine operating structure designed to meet the requirements of human operation, in line with human ability and habits, so that the operator's action as simple as possible, to minimize the burden on the operator. The reliability of the operation is to avoid the possibility of misuse of the operation of the equipment can be considered from the following aspects:
   (1) The operating structure of the packaging machine should meet the requirements of the human body size.The structure of the operating device should be such that the operator can easily reach and operate the operation during operation, especially when selecting the imported equipment, pay attention to the size of the human body Claim.
   (2) the operating system of the packaging machine to meet the physiological characteristics of people: including the human body to bear the load capacity, durability, action rhythm, speed of   action, packaging machine operating requirements can not exceed the specified limit.
   (3) The operation of the packaging machine display system should be able to reduce the burden on the operator's nervous system. Suggesting that the signal should be consistent with the human psychological and physiological possibilities, as far as possible the use of sound signals to reduce the human visual burden. Minimize the frequency and density of the signal. Display system intuitive, accurate, as far as possible using the computer, the center control to reduce the labor intensity.