Paste Packing Machine leakage how to adjust?

Update:18 May 2018

The use of machinery will inevitably cause problems, so […]

The use of machinery will inevitably cause problems, so we must pay special attention to the use of the process, especially when using a labeling machine. Under normal circumstances, the labeling device has a fault alarm function, but not all labeling devices are equipped with an intelligent control system. So when we use the labeling machine, how do we adjust the labeling machine when it leaks? Next, let's talk to everyone:
The labeling machine misses labels, which are usually the two cases: the sensitivity of the sensor is poor, and the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted. The labeling speed is too slow or the belt speed is too fast. The speed needs to be adjusted. Of course there are other common problems.
One, no label
First check whether the system is faulty, check the cause of the problem. Secondly, look at the material sensor eye: the orientation is wrong, the electric eye orientation needs to be adjusted; if the electric eye is defective, the electric eye must be replaced. Labels are not tight enough to pull the label on the label, which can also cause label failures. Adjust the pull paper. Maybe the power of the header is not connected, and the power can be turned on.
Second, a series of signs
Check the label electric eye: The wrong position of the label electric eye, adjust the position of the electric eye; label electric eye problems, adjust or replace the label electric eye.
Third, can not label
There are six main situations: the speed of labeling is too slow, and the speed of the label is raised; the label is not long enough, the length of the reserved label is adjusted; the speed of labeling is too fast, and the speed of labeling is too small; Too far; the interval is too small, increase the speed of the pinch tape; the label has poor adhesion or the object is not clean.
Fourth, wrinkles after labeling
This problem has a direct impact on the labeling effect and quality, which needs to be carefully removed. Generally, there are two situations: the reserved label is too long, and the reserved length of the label needs to be reduced; the label feeding speed is too fast and the speed of the pinching belt is relatively slow, and the speeds of the two must be adjusted to match each other.

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