Selection method of labeling machine

Update:11 Feb 2018

1, Recognize the characteristics of the industry in whi […]

1, Recognize the characteristics of the industry in which the enterprise is located
The industry has no special requirements for mechanical equipment? Take the food industry as an example, the health requirements is particularly strict, equipment mainly adopts 304 stainless steel and Aluminum Alloy manufacture, corrosion resistance, no rust, GMP meets the production needs of food production; General requirements for supporting online coding device, print production date and batch number etc. in the information on the label. Implementation of code integration - labeling.
2. Clear the needs of its own production
Including product variety, specification, quantity, production and production efficiency, and whether to connect production line, etc., the customer decides the speed of selecting the labeling machine with the former production line to perfect the match. The speed of the general labeling machine is adjustable, and it is the best choice to choose the suitable labeling machine within the scope of production.
3, We should refer to the situation of enterprise management
Some enterprises blindly pursue the high volume when choosing the labeling machine, which will make a big investment and cause a waste. If the development of good, ample funds, the urgent need to improve the efficiency, then choose one (or several) quality labeling machine, labeling speed and production efficiency, so the higher the labeling machine configuration, the price is relatively high, but high labeling precision, smooth labels without foaming, low failure rate, can realize the value of labeling machine the maximum. If a company has low capacity requirements at the beginning of its development, it will be able to meet the needs of production and reduce the pressure of funds if we choose a general labelling machine or semi-automatic labeling machine.
4, For customers who first choose the labeling machine, because they don't know much about labeling machine, they should send samples and sample labels that need to be labeled to the labeling machine manufacturer for evaluation and testing, so as to reduce the risk of purchase.