The correct sequence of operation of the vertical packaging machine

Update:25 Sep 2017

   Proper use of vertical liquid packaging machine to d […]

   Proper use of vertical liquid packaging machine to do the following:
   1, first check the leakage protector, confirm the normal after it is connected to power.
   2, open the device power, the equipment and coding machine, temperature control table, set to the packaging, the required temperature of the coil, waiting for its temperature.
   3. After the temperature has risen to the set value, the package roll is mounted on the web support and the coil is then pulled onto the guide bracket.
   4, measure the length of the cursor, enter it into the operation bar, open the photoelectric, so that the photoelectric probe on the coil on the cursor, the coil into the equipment longitudinal seal roller, jogging equipment through the roller, Sealing the situation, the appropriate adjustment of the roller pressure, to seal the formation of solid, beautiful appearance.
   5, adjust the code position to the predetermined location, adjust the small incision to the appropriate location, close the cutter to adjust the cutter position, it can accurately cut, forming standards.
   Only the real way to do these is the correct use of vertical liquid packaging machine, only in the correct way to use the equipment to give us the greatest efficiency, so we should use the right vertical liquid packaging machine.