The Granule Packing Machine Manufacturers technology innovation is great

Update:30 Mar 2018

“The technology innovation at Nava is great. To see the […]

“The technology innovation at Nava is great. To see the things going on, it’s an absolutely amazing facility,” Constellation’s Jacobson said. “We take customers down there and they are blown away with the size, the scope, and the speed and the innovation it takes to make it all happen together.”

At the time that Constellation acquired the brewery, and invested in building the brands—which accelerated demand—the Nava Brewery was already capacity constrained. “So, it became very clear that we had to invest behind the production side, as well,” said Bruce Jacobson, chief commercial officer of Constellation Brands. “In just a three-year window of time, we’ve gone from 170 million cases to over 240 million cases of beer.”

“Time to market is one of the most decisive advantages for corporations today,” said Raj Batra, president of the Digital Factory division of Siemens USA. “If they have a first-mover advantage, they capitalize on better profits and better margins.” Quality is also extremely important. “In food and beverage, it is more about quality consistency of the product. And [they need] flexibility…Production facilities have to be able to adapt quickly to a mass customized environment,” he said.

Bottom line: To sell more beer you have to make more beer, and modernization of systems and infrastructure is playing an important role for companies, like Constellation, looking to use manufacturing as a competitive advantage.

The ability to increase production and meet Constellation’s goals of increased uptime, efficiency, safety and sustainability, required something else: global standards. Specifically, a consistent look and feel from an automation and controls standpoint was required in order to avoid deploying black box technologies that were different in Europe vs. the United States, and then having to deal with islands of automation. With Siemens' expertise and technology, the team built a global standard that was implemented by over 20 OEMs around the world that are providing equipment to Constellation. So, despite where the equipment was built or purchased, when it came to the brewery it had the same look and feel. This also helped with the ability to operate, service and support the equipment on site.