The use of vacuum packaging machine maintenance methods

Update:06 Nov 2017

   Vacuum packaging machine packaging products must be […]

   Vacuum packaging machine packaging products must be within the packaging film of the air evacuation, the packaged product to achieve a vacuum state, which is conducive to the long-term preservation of goods. However, sometimes some problems with the vacuum packing machine caused by some faults or improper operation are also likely to result in poor pumping efficiency, which deserves attention. Vacuum packaging machine is the use of vacuum packaging film vacuum packaging products, vacuum packaging film for the quality control is particularly crucial. Must use the qualified and has a certain thickness of the vacuum packaging film, in the preservation process before use and in the use of the packaging process, to ensure good vacuum packaging film is not damaged and cause leakage. Second, to ensure that the vacuum packaging machine packaging products have sufficient extraction time, so as to ensure that the air inside the packaging film fully evacuated to ensure the internal vacuum. Sealing control time is not yet too early to seal, in order to avoid the presence of residual air in the packaging film. The quality of the seal must be guaranteed, the seal should be fully and densely closed, so as to avoid the occurrence of air leakage and affect the degree of vacuum in the vacuum packaging film. The heart of the vacuum machine is a vacuum pump, so the vacuum pump oil change regularly. Exhaust the used oil in the machine before filling it. Do not keep the insulation on the seal clean. If there are too many stains on the seal, it will affect the sealing effect and should be replaced promptly. Vacuum machine is used to ensure the stability of the voltage, if the customer where the use of voltage instability, please buy the regulator in advance to avoid voltage instability burn the electrical components inside the machine.