The working principle of the packing machine

Update:22 Jan 2018

Artificial bagging hook after the switch is pressed, a […]

Artificial bagging hook after the switch is pressed, a bag clamping device automatically packing bag clamping; at this time the workers left the platform. Go to the operating table to press the start button, automatic peeling drum bag packing machine, valve opening of the packing bag is blown nitrogen, by gravity feed pneumatic butterfly valve 3 cylinder driving open, while the main feeding pipe valve opening.
At the same time screw driven by a motor (150 auxiliary pneumatic butterfly valve must start delay in spiral startup), the material to flow into the bag, the system also opens two air pneumatic valve will exclude air bag (natural air valve must be open, delay) 1000Kg support bag on the weighbridge weighing sensor feel the quality changes, the force signal is converted to electrical signal input weighing display controller, after processing, a digital display output to the screen in real time, another way to control the electromagnetic valve actuator to achieve automatic weighing process. When the material is added to the rated weight of about 85%, the instrument sends out a coarse shutdown signal. The main feed butterfly valve is closed, while the forced return air pipe is closed at the same time, and then enters the fine feed.
When the material is added to the rated weight of about 92% meters, namely a fine feed off signal, speed slow to work, this time into fine feeding, weighing instrument of high speed data acquisition and processing, when reaching from the rated quality have a gap when the quantity of small spiral to stop working, and quickly closed pneumatic valve, measuring process after. All control parameters and program software are determined when the equipment is debugged and solidified in the chip. No adjustment is needed when the packaging machine is used normally. By the time delay, a bag clamping device to release bags filled by chain conveyor scale on the uniform output from left to right. When the packaging machine work dust collector has been running through the air pipe, the dust generated to recycle all packaging at the bottom of the filter, the pulse blowing dust all together to collect the bucket, the collecting bucket is arranged at the outlet of a hand bag clamping device, normal operation, one ton packing bag clamp at the bottom specifically, the use of recycled dust collecting bucket. Main equipment structure and use and maintenance.