Using Powder Packing Machine to Brew Up a Competitive Advantage

Update:23 Mar 2018

Modernization means having state-of-the-art advanced au […]

Modernization means having state-of-the-art advanced automation in manufacturing to deal with time-to-market, flexibility and mass customization. “It is also about capitalizing on the Industrial Internet of Things to get a lot more out of the assets on the factory floor” Batra said.

Digitalization, too, which is about taking the data from intelligent devices and machines to create a bridge between the virtual and the real world, is creating business value. “It’s upping the decision quality,” Batra said. “That really sums up what corporations are looking for today as they figure out how to make manufacturing a competitive weapon as they move into this next era.”

People are passionate about their beer, especially when the products they consume have a history and an authentic taste that has been captured and consistently delivered for decades. Beer like Modelo, Corona and Pacifico, are some of those premium brands that have an emotional connection to the customer. In fact, demand for these beers is growing quickly, especially after Constellation Brands purchased them in 2013 and took over the Nava Brewery in Mexico where these beers are made.

To accommodate this growth, modernization of the existing architecture was required. Constellation turned to Siemens as its global technology provider. And, by implementing advanced automation and control, robotics and a fleet of laser-guided vehicles, the companies worked together to increase brewing capacity from 8.5 million hectoliters in 2013 to annual production of 27.5 million hectoliters of beer today. More importantly, the brewery is maintaining consistency in every batch and every bottle of beer.