Vacuum packaging machine concept

Update:02 Jan 2018

Vacuum packaging machine is the food into the bag, the […]

Vacuum packaging machine is the food into the bag, the bag out of the air, to a predetermined degree of vacuum, the completion of the sealing process. Vacuum inflatable packaging machine is the food into the bag, the bag out of the air to a predetermined degree of vacuum, and then filled with nitrogen or other gas mixture, and then complete the sealing process.
Foreword: Select the vacuum packaging machine to bring more than just the speed, it is more pleasant benefits.
With the progress of society, the demand for packaging of goods, especially pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs, is getting higher and higher. The demand for various kinds of packaging machinery is increasing year by year. Vacuum packaging machines are one of such products.
Vacuum packaging machine purchase
1. Vacuum pump is the core, pay attention to the quality and brand Vacuum pump as the core of vacuum packaging machine, be careful when choosing. Whether large or small vacuum packaging machine pumps, first of all we are concerned about its price. In addition, we should also pay attention to the vacuum pump vacuum capacity, generally expressed in cubic meters / hour, but not the bigger the better, as long as the work with the machine speed matching can.
2. Choose a powerful packaging machine supplier Automatic, semi-automatic packaging machine control principle is the application of electrical components control, only the regular manufacturers of electronic components to ensure durability, reliability, safety, easy to wear parts easy to buy. Otherwise easy to aging, may often be a problem. Formal manufacturers of vacuum packaging machines, packaging machines, filling machines, three-dimensional packaging machine electrical control devices cited the world famous brand technology, quality assurance, trustworthy.
The manufacturer's technical ability and service capabilities to verify. Generally through telephone communication and patronage manufacturers website can have a general understanding of any product is not perfect, only after-sales service timely and thoughtful manufacturers will not give users trouble or affect the production.
3. Polished to see the true and false stainless steel material
General formal vacuum packaging machine manufacturers, the selection is really stainless steel, for example, 304 grades, is a special steel equipment. Some small manufacturers, like to use alternatives, the thickness of the sheet is relatively thin. I recommend the following products with 600mm 3mm thick steel, and more than 600 with 4mm thick steel.