Vacuum pump maintenance methods

Update:18 Dec 2017

Vacuum packaging machine of the various components are […]

Vacuum packaging machine of the various components are indispensable, but the most important is the vacuum pump components. Therefore, when the vacuum packaging machine maintenance must focus on vacuum pump maintenance:

1. Check the oil level and the color of the oil once a week. If the oil is below the "MIN" mark, remember to refuel it. If the oil level exceeds the "MAX" mark, you have to let it off. If it is due to condensate Too much and dilute the vacuum pump oil, you need to replace all the vacuum pump oil, if necessary, have to replace the gas valve.

2. The vacuum pump oil must be bright and clear. There should be no foaming or muddy. After the oil is still settling, if it can not disappear and the milky substance shows that foreign matter has entered, it must be replaced with fresh oil.

3. Check the intake filter and exhaust filter once a month.

4. Clean the dust and dirt in the vacuum pump cavity once every six months, and also clean the fan hood, fan wheel, ventilation grille and cooling fin (clean with compressed air).

5. Replace the exhaust filter once a year, clean or replace the air intake filter (clean with compressed air).

6. Vacuum pump oil and oil filters need to be replaced every 500-2000 hours.

The above is the way to maintain the vacuum pump.