What factors affect the life of the labeler?

Update:12 Mar 2018

    Many customers and friends in real life, when using […]

    Many customers and friends in real life, when using a labeling machine, are always more concerned about the use value of the equipment and the value of investment recovery. It is hoped that the equipment will bring more benefits to the company. The application of the labeling machine to the number of longevity, the longer the number of years of use, the higher the return on investment, the lower the depreciation of assets and the lower the cost. So next we will introduce the factors that affect the life of the labeling machine.
First, the quality
The labeling machine is composed of a plurality of institutions, each of which is interlocked by different accessories. The higher the end of the components, the better the equipment is, the higher the quality is, and the longer the life span of the labeling machine is.
Second, daily protection is secondary
The labeling machine should pay attention to moisture and anti-exposure at the place where it is exposed, and the temperature should be suitable. The long-term operation of the labeling machine should pay attention to the oil on gears, bearings, etc. The best half-month is a cycle; the labeling machine must be careful before use. Check whether the screws of the equipment are loose, so as to prevent the equipment from being burned due to the looseness of the screws during the operation. After the labeling machine is used every day, pay attention to clean and clean the dust on the surface of the equipment, and disconnect the power and pay attention to the equipment. maintenance.