What is the difference between a vertical packing machine and a pillow packing machine?

Update:14 Aug 2017

    Vertical packaging machine: the coil is usually at […]

    Vertical packaging machine: the coil is usually at the top of the machine, through the vertical bag making the coil made of molded bags, and then filling the packaging, sealing and other processes Horizontal packaging machine can be divided into two categories: to the bag Type and homemade bag.
 ----- To the bag is the existing prefabricated bag on the bag area, through the horizontal bag in turn to complete the opening, blowing, measuring cutting, sealing, printing and other processes.
 -----  The difference between homemade bag and bag type is that the homemade bag needs to complete the process of web forming or film forming bag, and this process is basically done in the form of horizontal.
    Pillow Packaging Machine: The packaged article is conveyed horizontally by the conveyor to the web or film inlet (where the web or film is in the form of a cylinder through the bag making and the packaged article will enter the cylindrical packaging material) (Such as: small bread, chocolate, biscuits, instant noodles, etc.) These foods are packed through the pillow-type packaging machine, and then the food is packed, Compared with the horizontal packaging and vertical packaging, pillow packaging is for the block, strip, spherical and other relatively simple single items or integrated items. Such as cool crooked, dry batteries, even the package of food (instant noodles), etc. These are pillow-type packaging.http://www.china-packmachine.com