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Honey Packing Machine Designed for automatic packaging of honey


Designed for automatic packaging of honey, this machine has various functions. It can measure and adjust the length of the packaging bag. It can also be linked with other machines, such as a puncher or a batch printer. It has an easy-tear device and an automatic sealer. It also has a double layer of insulation barrels for concentrating the honey.

The main parts of this machine are stainless steel. Its body is elegantly matt finished. The machine is compact and versatile. It is also suitable for various liquid products. It can be used for packing different products, such as honey, salt, syrup and other liquids.

The machine can be customized to fit the needs of production. It is made for various food products, such as dairy products, salt, sauces, condiments, and many other types of liquids.

It is capable of fully automating filling, sealing, and packaging. It includes a capping machine, shrink tunnel, turn table, guides, and nozzles. It also includes an induction sealing machine, a rotary gear pump, and a syringe. It also features a gas flushing device and a puncher.

It can be configured with other options, such as a printer or a date stamp. It also features a temperature control system that uses PID technology, which is suitable for various packaging materials.

The machine is also capable of displaying the packing speed in an alarm function. It has a touch screen control system that allows the operator to adjust various parameters. It can also be connected to an air compressor.