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How To Make Ketchup Packets?


Ketchup is a sticky liquid that is often served as a condiment in a packet and taken out when eaten. But do you know how to make ketchup packets?
Since ketchup is sticky, it tends to stick to the packet when packaging, in order to solve this problem, we developed and designed a new type of ketchup sachet packing machine, the machine can be very good to prevent liquid sticking to the outside of the bag, and seal firmly, prevent leakage.
Ketchup Packets
〇 The machine adopts advanced PLC control system, high degree of automation, can set parameters according to the user's product specifications, the general bag-making size range is 50-200mm long, 14-150mm wide, suitable for different specifications of finished products packaging.
〇 Storage tank volume, the whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, the surface is smooth material. Equipped with automatic mixing rod, to avoid the material solidification for various reasons and unable to output.
〇 Use heat seal, firm and reliable, high precision. The use of the way to cut off flat knife, serrated knife, and four sealing.
Ketchup Packets Filling Machine
How to make ketchup packets by machine?
First, install the packaging material into the packaging machine according to the correct installation method, starting up, the packing material is pulled down by the bag-pulling motor, packaging materials through the molding machine to complete the formation of the bag, and then by heating the sealing part to seal the bottom of the bag, then began cutting, ketchup into the packaging bag, sealed, finally cut, a complete ketchup packet is completed.