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Sponge Packing Machine is an automatic horizontal flow wrapper


The Sponge Scrubber Scourer Ball Packaging Machine is an automatic horizontal flow wrapper for wrapping dish washing products, such as sponge, steel scourer ball into sachet. This machine can be applied to a wide range of packing materials like paper, plastic and bubble sheet.

Double motors, converter and PLC controller allow bag length setting and cutting with flexible, saving time and film. High sensitive photoelectric eye color mark tracking system and digital input of cut position,make the sealing and cutting more accurate.

Human-machine interface, convenient and quick parameter settings; self diagnosis failure function, display the fault clearly at a glance; temperature independent PID control, better suitable for various packing material. This machine can be used for a wide range of packing materials, like soap, chocolate, bread, brown sugar block, instant noodles, scourer steel ball,sponge, paper boxes etc.
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