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What are the functions of an excellent sauce filling and sealing machine


Chili is a symbol of red fire. It is spicy and irritating. It has good appetizer and appetite-inducing functions. It can also prevent heart disease and effectively promote blood circulation. It has become a habit and has reached the point where there is no spicy taste. Therefore, like some Sichuan restaurants, chili has become one of the indispensable ingredients, and then chili sauce has also become a favorite food seasoning for consumers. It can be seen everywhere on supermarket shelves. The small size and various types of bottled chili sauce make the sauce filling and sealing machine one of the indispensable filling equipment in the market. The functions and advantages of the sauce filling and sealing machine itself make it have a high filling capacity Efficiency and filling accuracy make the sauce filling and sealing machine deeply trusted by sauce enterprises.
Let's take a look at the feast of fashion and technology: sauce filling and sealing machine!

1. Wide range of applicable materials: different from the semi-automatic ordinary models on the market, it is not only suitable for the filling of small granules such as chili sauce and jam, but also suitable for the filling of large granules such as shrimp paste.
2. Motor: small vibration, low noise, high energy saving, small power consumption, long life and excellent performance
3.304 stainless steel large hopper: automatic stirring function, filling evenly without precipitation. The blade width is large, the stirring is more powerful and uniform
4. Genuine Yadak cylinder: the large cylinder can adjust the filling volume at will, and the canning is exquisite and error-free
5. Control switch: high-quality control switch, flexible and easy to control, saving time and effort
6. The material of the machine is of high quality: the pillar of the cylinder body adopts a "cylindrical" bracket, which is strong and durable, and has a beautiful image
7. The design is more user-friendly: the specially designed motor box, the pull-out design, is safe and secure, better protects the motor, and is more convenient to maintain the machine.