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These tips for cleaning oil scale in edible oil filling machine


When the edible oil filling machine is used for a long time, some oil scale problems will naturally occur. If the oil scale is not cleaned for a long time, there will be certain safety problems when filling the edible oil, which will bring certain hidden dangers to the health and safety of users. Therefore, for the factory, it is important to clean up the grease after the edible oil filling machine is used. Do you know how the edible oil filling machine cleans the grease?
1. The equipment must be cleaned and cleaned in time after use. There will definitely be oil spills during production, and the oil spills on the machine should be cleaned up in time. It is strictly forbidden to clean up after gathering, so that Not only will it increase the difficulty of cleaning, but it will also make the machine black and unsanitary after a long time.
2. For cleaning, in addition to ensuring timely removal of oil contamination, some cleaning agents with strong oil removal ability should be used in conjunction with cleaning, in order to increase the removal effect, because it is difficult to achieve with only a rag clear effect. But we have to pay attention that after cleaning the machine, in addition to removing the oil stains on it, the machine should be wiped several times with a rag to ensure that the cleaning agent will not remain and prevent the corrosiveness of some cleaning agents to the machine. cause corrosion.
Three, teach you two tricks, you can use these two when cleaning the dirt: one, steam cleaning, this method is good and fast, just spray it with steam, non-toxic, the second is to use chemicals For cleaning, although it can be cleaned with caustic soda, it is too laborious, but it can also be cleaned.