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Automatic Mini Doypack Pouch Granule Packing Machine

Automatic Mini Doypack Pouch Granule Packing Machine

Pouch down direction pickup design is special for ziplocked pouches, auto pouch pick fill seal packing machine for various pre-made bags such as pillow bags, gusset bags, zipper bags etc As a cost saving solution, it is ideal for a lot of application such as coffee, frozen foods, cookies, cereals, nuts, flower, candy etc It can also be interfaced with other equipments for use with turnkey lines.
New Version Pouch Down-Pickup Design & Build 
New design with down pouch pickup no movement for ziplock premade pouches.
Compact footprint & Low Maintenance   
Compact single station footprint, pneumatic system used for safety running & low maitenance.
Auto Operation Control Multiple Function
From pouch suck up - open - fill - seal to output which is controlled by PLC and user's friendly H.M.I. ensure high efficiency performance.
Easy to Adjust Bag Types and Sizes
Depending on product condition and pouch type, main menu settings can be set on the screen, multiple pouch type can run on the same machine by suction position adjusting. 
No Pouch, No Dump for Normal Running 
Auto pouch detecting sensor, no pouch no dump ensure material splash down.
Auto Trouble-shooting
Automatic breakdown detection and solution is displayed on the screen clearly.
Flexible Customers Made
Various option functions are available as per request, such as auto zip-lock open device/Hot Stamp Printer/ Hopper Shaker/ Product Settler. 
Main Parts of Mini Doypack
PLC Control, Touch Screen, Temperature Control, Automatical Pneumatic Components, Gas Processor, Alarm.
Building Material of mini doypack
The frame is made of 304SUS, some parts is Aluminum alloy or painted.
Interlock Safety, CE Application
Auto stop when the door is open, 
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Product Details



Premade Pouch Type

standup premade pouch, reseal-able premade pouch, 
flat bottom premade pouch, 3 side seal pouch, zipper pouch, 
zip-lock pouch,
top zip pouch

Premade Pouch Size

120-300mm(W) *120-350mm(L)


Max. 10-15 BPM

Power Supply

220V/50HZ or 60HZ Single Phase 1KW

Air Pressure

7.0 CFM@80 PSI

Operation Panel

7 inch user's friendly touch screen


Mitsubishi PLC/ Omron Temperature Controller
Omron Power Switch / Schneider Breaker


Pneumatics component Airtac from Taiwan;
PIAB Vacuum generator/SMC Vacuum Filter


Auto Zipper open device, SMC Pneumatic Parts, Product Settler,
 Gas-flush and vacuum function, Take Away Conveyors, 
Filling devices, Ribbon Stamp Printer 

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