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How to make Sugar packing machine provide more benefits


After our analysis and field investigation, we think it is necessary to correct everyone's operation methods. Then, let's take a look at what is the correct way to use it, so that the Sugar packing machine can provide us with the greatest benefits.
1. First of all, when we use the filling machine, we must do a comprehensive inspection, and we cannot allow further vibrations during use. Therefore, this requires choosing a good position when placing it further.
2. Before turning on the equipment, we must confirm the current and voltage of the factory and further current and voltage, otherwise, the current and voltage will not work normally if the current and voltage are too high or too low.
3. After checking all the above, we can open it and go further, but don't worry about filling it at this time. This is mainly because we have to further observe whether there is any abnormal sound.
4. If there is an abnormal sound at this time, you must remember not to adjust it in the case of further startup.
5. As long as there are no problems with these, then we can produce normally.