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What are the uses and classifications of vacuum packaging machines?


With the rapid development of society, vacuum packaging machines are more and more widely used, and are now widely used in production activities in all walks of life, especially in the food industry, because the food industry has strict requirements on the shelf life of products, and food In the process of preservation, it is also susceptible to bacterial contamination and deterioration, so how can we avoid such a phenomenon? The vacuum packaging machine has become a good choice. From its name, we can understand that the vacuum packaging machine is mainly for When the product is vacuum-packed, the so-called vacuum packaging means that there is no air. Here, the vacuum packaging machine can only achieve a certain degree of vacuum, not absolute vacuum, because the growth and activity of many bacteria and microorganisms can be inhibited without air. Therefore, the quality of food can be effectively guaranteed.
  Vacuum packaging machines can be divided into the following categories according to different uses:
  The first is the medical vacuum packaging machine, because the pharmaceutical industry has high requirements on the production environment, and generally it is produced in a sterile environment. Therefore, the use of a vacuum packaging machine can empty the air in the package, so the product can be stored for a longer time, which is suitable for drug packaging under aseptic conditions, and can also achieve very good results.

  The second is the vacuum packaging machine for electronic products; because electronic products have certain requirements for moisture-proof and anti-oxidation, the application of the vacuum packaging machine for packaging can effectively avoid the above situations. Because there is no air, it is guaranteed that the product will not be Discoloration due to oxidation.

  The third is the food vacuum packaging machine. Food products have high requirements for freshness, so there are certain requirements for the performance of the vacuum packaging machine. When the equipment is vacuum packed, its temperature should be controlled, so the equipment is required to automatically With cooling system.