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Automatic Premade Bag Powder Packing Machine

Automatic Premade Bag Powder Packing Machine

1. HP series host machine
2. Screw rod metering machine
3. Screw feeding machine
4. Date printer
1. This machine replaced the traditional manual packing, to implement the automatic product packing for the enterprise, and reduce the cost.
2. This machine conform to the hygiene standards of food processing machinery, all contacting parts meet the requirements of food hygiene materials processing, to make sure the hygiene and safety of the food.
3. This machine using the preformed bags, with good filling and sealing quality.
4. Suit for various kinds of packing film, such as multi-layer laminated film, single-layer PE and PP material ready bag.
5. With wide packing machine, can choose different filling device according to packing material, then can pack solid product, liquid, paste, powder and granule products.
6. In electric control system with advanced Mitsubishi PLC, color POD (touch screen), friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate. Main motor using frequency control of motor speed control, can set the frequency within the range according to your needs on the color POD.
7. Machine with auto checking device to check the pneumatic pressure, temperature controller failure, bag-given and bag open or not to judge the machine working condition, can also control the date printer, filling device and sealing device is working well or not, to avoid waste of material and raw material to save the cost of production.
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Product Details

Specification of HP Series Host Machine:





Number of Head

six working heads

eight working heads

ten working heads

Bag Size

W:100-300mm L:100-400mm

W:100-240mm L:100-300mm

W:100-200mm L:100-300mm


30-60 bag/min

30-60 bag/min

50-80 bag/min

Machine Weight




Total Power




Dimension (L*W*H)





380V   50/60HZ  3 phase

Compressed Air

0.6m³/min (supply by user)

Bag Material

laminated film, PE, PP etc.

Bag Type

compound bag: stand-up (with zipper or without), flat bag (3sides, 4sides, hand bag, zippered bag), paper bag etc.

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