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Granule Packing Machine easy transport and storage


Granule packing machine is an automatic filling and packaging system that dispenses granular materials, such as salt, sugar, tea, rice, and other small granules, into packages or containers. It also features a weighing system that measures the weight of the materials it packs.

The packaging process begins when granules are fed into the machine by a hopper or feeder. They are then dispensed into a package or container through a valve, spout, or chute. The packaging process can be automated with a programmable controller, but it can also be manually operated.

A granule packing machine is an excellent option for small-batch food and beverage manufacturers. It can pack a variety of products, including cereals, candy, seeds, pasta, nuts, and biscuits.

It is equipped with a Z-shaped elevator and a multi-head combination scale, which can pack fine-grained materials such as salt and sugar without the use of dust filters. It is also equipped with a pneumatic gripper that opens and closes bags, which prevents granule spillover and helps to minimize vibration during operation.

This type of granule packing machine can also be used to package puffed food, such as hotdogs, in bundles for easy transport and storage. It can be easily installed and set up and is highly effective.

A granule packing machine also features a collar former that forms the bags, and a ribbon date code printing machine that prints production batch numbers and other information on the packages. These machines can withstand high levels of heat and come with temperature control mechanisms that regulate their operation.