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Manual filling vs bag filling machine?


There are many bags of sauces that everyone should have talked about, such as: bagged tomato sauce, bagged hot pot sauce, etc., especially bagged hot pot sauce. There are many kinds of hot pot sauces in the supermarket, but they are dazzling. After opening the bag, there is a transparent inner packaging with a bag. This bag is made with an automatic bag-making filling machine.
Nowadays, it is not unreasonable for more and more manufacturers to use bag-making filling machines, because for materials such as sauces, they are sticky, and manual filling methods will not only stain the packaging bags, but also look untidy. , And the measurement is particularly easy to be inaccurate, and the labor time consumption is also very long, and the bag-making filling machine only needs to put the film of the packaging bag on the machine roller, and the machine can automatically shape the bag and then fill it quantitatively. Filling, automatic sealing, greatly saving time, in addition to the bag filling machine has the following advantages:
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1. The process parts of the bag-making filling machine are all made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and easy to clean.

2. The bag-making filling machine has a reasonable structure design, adopts a stable and reliable double tie rod structure, and is equipped with a deviation adjustment device, which can adjust the filling volume of the bagged items according to the needs.

3. The bag-making filling machine adopts self-priming pump for quantitative filling or high-position balance tank, which is directly eagerly cut, which facilitates the adjustment of sealing and cutting temperature, bag size, packaging weight, etc.

4. The bag-making filling machine can complete filling, sealing, date printing, side sealing, back sealing and other processes at one time, which improves work efficiency, saves manpower and material resources, and avoids product pollution.

After reading these advantages, are you already fascinated by the bag filling machine?