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Teach you how to troubleshoot the powder packaging machine


In this era full of unknown future, science and technology are progressing continuously, and the development of any advanced technology is possible. We will wait and see. In recent years, China's packaging machinery industry has developed rapidly, among which powder packaging equipment plays a very wide role in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry. During frequent use in the market, it is inevitable that there will be failures, or some failures can not be found out in the first time. Long term use will certainly cause major failures. Today, the packaging machine factory teaches you how to troubleshoot the powder packaging machine.

1. The powder packaging machine enters the output test interface.
2. Press the corresponding output button and check whether the indicator light on the drive box is on.
3. If it does not light up, it means that the signal from the control box has not reached the drive box. Most of this is because the control box is broken.
4. When on, it indicates that there is no communication problem between the control box and the drive box. At this time, use a voltmeter to detect the corresponding output terminal on the drive box and whether there is voltage when the output test button is pressed. If there is voltage, it is an external circuit problem. No voltage: the drive box is broken.
5. If there is any problem with the external circuit of the powder packaging machine, check the external circuit. Check whether the wiring is wrong or the wire head is loose. Inspection and troubleshooting of input circuit when there is no input signal at some input of int.
The above is the steps for the packaging machine factory to teach you how to troubleshoot the powder packaging machine. Regular troubleshooting of equipment can effectively avoid some common faults and the possibility of major faults.