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Filling is only a process of liquid automatic packaging machine


Nowadays, many people do not understand, what kind of equipment is a liquid automatic packaging machine, what is its main purpose, and what is it used for the packaging of liquid products? It seems unreasonable, so many people take it for granted that the liquid automatic packaging machine is actually a liquid automatic filling machine, but it has changed its name. In fact, it is not the case. It is different from the ordinary filling machine. It is very different. If we simply classify it as a liquid filling machine, then we are very wrong, and we also misunderstand the function and usefulness of this mechanical equipment, and we will lose a product that can be used for product packaging. equipment.

    The liquid automatic packaging machine is mainly suitable for liquid products such as soy sauce, juice, vinegar, milk, etc. It mainly uses polyethylene caustic soda film, and automatically performs the whole process of forming, bag making, quantitative filling, ink printing and sealing and cutting, and before packaging. The film will be disinfected with ultraviolet rays, which fully meets the requirements of national food hygiene and safety.

From this, we can see that the liquid automatic packaging machine is essentially different from the traditional liquid filling machine. Filling is only a procedure in its working process, like other sealing, labeling, printing, Bag making, etc. is also a very important part of its work.

    In response to the country's call for food safety and hygiene, in addition to the above-mentioned sterilization of the film, all the process parts of the liquid automatic packaging machine are also made of stainless steel. And the user can also adjust the packaging bag heat sealing, bag delivery length, packaging weight and heating temperature to make it more in line with the packaging requirements of the product. These adjustment methods are also very simple and convenient, and the user only needs to adjust according to the instructions. In addition, the liquid automatic packaging machine can maintain high precision in the case of continuous filling, and the precision will not be guaranteed because of the high speed.