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The advantages of powder condiment packaging machine are brought into full play


The powder condiment packaging machine gives full play to its own advantages, so that it has a broader development space, and makes the advantage to create more development space for the powder condiment packaging machine, pursuit, pursuit of chic, powder condiment packaging machine pursuit of a more gorgeous life , to achieve a new image of the product is the mission and task of its development.
The needs of customers are the channel for the rapid rise of powder condiment packaging machines. Powder condiment packaging machines allow customers to open up a new direction of development for them, and let customers become the core of the development of powder condiment packaging machines. Seize the opportunity to make a leap and realize yourself. Value, meet the needs of commodity manufacturers in all walks of life, and make it more colorful in the stage of packaging machines.
DXDK-80Z High Speed Granule Packing Machine

Powder condiment packaging machine is suitable for packaging powdery materials with low viscosity in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, such as milk powder, soybean milk powder, oatmeal, seasoning, walnut powder, powder and other materials. The milk powder packaging machine is a small fully automatic powder packaging machine, a four-side sealing automatic packaging machine, with automatic printing of batch numbers or consumption dates, and easy torn openings on the packaging waste. Reasonably limit the phenomenon of powder flying in the filling process of powders such as milk powder, and ensure that the raw materials are effectively controlled. Machine Features:

1. Reciprocating horizontal sealing system, the servo motor provides power to complete the traction of the packaging film.

2. The frame film adopts the air-expanding shaft locking form, which is convenient, fast and reliable for changing the film and loading and unloading.

3. The whole plate film is cut by hob cutter, which is cut according to the number of columns, which is fast, durable, and not easy to wear.

4. The translation type volume-adjustable measuring bucket is easy to adjust, and there is no phenomenon of material rejection and grinding.

5. Brand electrical components to ensure the stability and reliability of the control system.