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How to fill and seal the stand-up pouch?


How to fill and seal the stand-up pouch? We have been using a small bag filling machine, which can automatically complete filling and sealing.
How does the machine work?
There are mainly the following steps:
1. Feeding bag. Take out the bag from the top and send the bag from the bottom to send the packaging bag into the machine clamp. The machine automatically takes out the bag for packaging work. When there is no bag, the device will sound an alarm.
2. Imprint. After the ribbon detection is completed, the packaging bag goes through the normal coding process. When the ribbon is used up, the device will give a warning sound to remind you.
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3. Filling. Open the packaging bag and load the materials. The machine will first detect whether the packaging bag is opened. If the bag is not opened, it will not be discharged.
4. Seal. The packaging bag filled with materials is sealed at the set temperature, and the heat-sealed packaging product will be immediately cooled to ensure a beautiful seal.
Can it be used for filling and sealing of different stand-up pouches?
Yes. Such as zipper bags, nozzle bags, special-shaped bags, etc. The material can be paper-plastic composite, plastic-plastic composite, plastic-steel composite, PE composite and other packaging materials.
What should I pay attention to when filling and sealing?
The characteristics of the filling material. For example, whether it is sticky, corrosive, volatile, etc.
Seal temperature setting. Depending on the material of the bag, the sealing temperature is also different. Before packaging officially begins, it is necessary to test the machine to adjust the appropriate temperature to prevent excessive shrinkage.