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Maintenance of Vertical Packing Machine



  1. Lubricate the gears, bearings and the moving parts regularly.
  2. The deceleration device must not run with no oil. After running 300 hours for the first time, clean the inside of the device and put in new oil. After that change oil every 2500 hours.
  3. Do not drop the lubricant onto the driving belt.


  1. Clean parts such as the bucket and turning-plate that touch the packing materials each time after turning off the machine.
  2. Regularly clean the thermal sealer to ensure the nice sealing track.
  3. Immediately clean the materials scattered and keep the parts tidy to maintain the lifespan of the machine.
  4. Regularly clean the photo senor to make it work better.
  5. Regularly remove the dust in the electric control box to avoid short circuits or poor connection.


III. Maintenance

  1. Regularly check the screws of every part in case they are loose.
  2. Make sure that the electric control box and the wire connections are clean and dry to avoid electrical malfunction.